Odd Fellows Home

Way too long ago, back when the weather was nice and I still wandered with my camera….let’s not talk about that – let’s focus on where I went instead….I went to the Odd Fellows Home in Liberty, Missouri to wander around.  The Odd Fellows Home is now the Belvoir Winery (which is a pretty awesome 2 for 1 stop if you ask me).  Thankfully the place was pretty quiet when I went, plenty of room to wander around and take in everything.  Inside the main building is the winery, it’s small (it was still pretty newly open then and they were trying to get their footing). But you have free wander of the building.  The floors creek beautifully inside – they kept a lot of the history of the place so you can read what happened within these beautiful walls.

If you wander around the grounds, that’s when you find the really awesome things.  I’ll be the first to admit if there were doors swinging open I went inside to see what was there (I can’t pass up abandoned anything).  Sadly a lot of the buildings had been badly vandalized inside, but you could still see the rich history.

Walking around with the wind slightly blowing hearing the doors creek was pretty awesome.  There’s rumor that the place is haunted, the former asylum residents coming out to play when the mood strikes them.

On to the pictures….I could babble about this amazing experience all day long I think.

Odd Fellows Home

Odd Fellows Home

Sitting Room

Sitting Room

Falling Down

Falling Down


Odd Fellows Cemetery

Odiemae Miller

Odiemae Miller Rests Here


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