Star Girl and Hummingbird

One of the many projects I signed up for this year is Lifebook.  In the beginning I struggled a lot.  Nothing worked out right, nothing came together; I was convinced I couldn’t participate until I was comfortable drawing a face. So, I started practicing (this is why my daily doodles have disappeared), I’ve started living and breathing faces. And you know what?  When people say you have to draw to get better, they aren’t kidding!  I considered posting a picture of one of my faces from 7 months ago, then decided no one needs to see that.

But what you will get to see is my Star Girl and my hummingbird.  I’m so very proud of both of them!  Months ago I started the hummingbird because I wasn’t comfortable with the faces, but that failed too.  I almost gave up, but the fact is I love art, I love creating, I want to learn and grow and these two projects have fueled that passion in me again.  I am so excited about where Lifebook is taking me and mostly I’m proud of what I can accomplish if I just set my mind to it.

Here are my creations:

Lifebook 2017 - Star Girl

Star Girl

Lifebook 2017 - Star Girl Face

Star Girl Detail

Lifebook 2017 - Humming Bird


Lifebook 2017 - Humming Bird Detail

Hummingbird Detail



3 thoughts on “Star Girl and Hummingbird

  1. Reblogged this on Lauri Novak Photography and commented:
    I think we should all share other’s artwork every now and then and really something I should do more often!!

    This is from a friend of mine I’ve never actually met in person but have known from Google+ for a few years. I’m so happy to share this and so happy she’s gotten back to creating. I love these so much!!

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