Grow where you’re planted.

“People adapt. People change. You can grow where you’re planted.” 
― Sarah Addison AllenThe Peach Keeper

I love this book and I love Sarah Addison Allen.  She has a way of writing that just flows over you and leaves you seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling all of the things she’s writing. I find myself reading her sentences over and over again hoping I can absorb it and keep it with me forever.

My Secret Garden


Flowers go Bloom

Today I went to the Kauffman Memorial Gardens not only to get out of the house, but also because I have been craving flower pictures. Absolutely craving them. I sort of got my fix, there were a lot of people out enjoying the sunshine as well. And while their company really helped me practice my street photography, it didn’t help me get in the zone at all. But at this point I’ll take what I can get. Also I love that it’s all the rage now to take pictures of your shoes wherever you are.  I’ll take that over taking pictures of my lunch any day!

Phlox and Chucks Blooming before your eyes Will pause for art

I’ll send you all my dreams

The dandelions outside gossiped about being wildflowers, the tulip listened intently waiting for her sisters to bloom, even the creeping flocks crept closer to listen in.  They didn’t mind the sprinkles of rain, they actually lifted their faces to the rain loving the way the delicate drops glistened on their petals. They didn’t mind that I came along with my camera either, they all seemed to stretch higher and get that beautiful glow that photographers love. When I was done I smiled and thanked them for their time.

I love Spring.

Sealed with a kiss


Rumor has it

A little birdie told me that today is the first day of Spring!  Spring! That means flowers, leaves, playing outside and color! The world will be filled with color again! This morning I thought of all of the botanical gardens I want to go to as soon as the flowers start  blooming.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate Winter and all it has to offer, but I miss the color, being outside, having the windows open and the fresh air.

Fisrt Day of Spring