Daily Doodling ~ In Progress ~ My paint book, pens, maybe some paint (more than likely lots of paint) and whatever my mind can come up with.

Picture a Month ~ Coming Soon ~ With this project I want to get back into photography. I’m going to take one picture a month, it cannot be a throw away picture just to have something to post.  Hopefully this will lead me to more photography projects and picture taking in the process.



I like to participate in photography projects on Google+ as well as projects I set up for myself.  I’ll update this page as I start and complete projects.

2014 365 Project ~ Failed ~ I am determined to complete a 365 Project this year, I have a trusty sidekick named Vinnie that’s going to help me along.

ABC Project ~ Completed ~ February 2014 ~ I completed another ABC Project on Google+, I tried to do different pictures than in the previous project.

ABC Project ~ Completed ~ February 2013 ~ I participated in an ABC Project on Google+. The concept of the project was to photograph something for every letter of the alphabet, these pictures could depict an emotion, an object, etc, the rules were to use your camera, take the picture in that month and most of all have fun.

Scavenger Hunt ~ Completed March 2013 ~ This is a photography project on Google+. With this project 500 photographers are given 10 items to photograph and one month to do it.  At the end 5 judges go through all of the photos and pick their selections for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Places and also Honorable Mention.  I was lucky enough to have 3 photos picked for Honorable Mention. I am so amazed and thankful for this, this was my first Scavenger Hunt, I can’t wait to do another one. It not only pushed and challenged me as a photographer it also made me think out side of the box.

ROYGBIV 2.0 ~ Completed May 2013 ~ This was a small 7 day project. We had to take a picture that represented a color for each day (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue/Indigo, Violet and Rainbow).

365 Project ~ Delayed ~ I started this project on my birthday, I got 146 days in before I couldn’t do it anymore. Part of my problem was winter blahs the other part was having a hard time finding a picture to take everyday. My pictures starting becoming less than I wanted them to be and I didn’t want that I wanted a project I could be proud of. I plan on starting and completing this project again sometime in the near future.


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